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Library Quarterly Report FY17 Q4: April-June 2017

Cataloging, Collections and Technical Services

This quarter the library began work with Lance Dougald on a guide to Transportation Planning Data Sources for a technical assistance project he is doing for the Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC).  Gil Kenner sat in on the TPRAC meeting and answered questions about the proposed project. The cataloging department accepted a number of donations from the CalTrans Library and (vdot employee?) Harry Campbell,filling gaps in historical collections and adding new items to the collection. Gil Kenner also oversaw the addition of Business Source Corporate Plus, significantly expanding the library’s electronic holdings to periodicals through vendor EBSCO. Finally, the technical services department collaborated on several “Quick Start" Guides for ASCE Library and other subscription databases. 

The tables below reflect the increases in library holdings and cataloging statistics between FY17Q3 and FY17Q4.

OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Statistics - Jun. 30, 2017
  FY17 Q3  FY17 Q4 
Transactions  794  966 
Holdings Added to WorldCat Records  109 133 
Total Titles  100,246  106,897 


Catalog Record Count
  Mar 31  Jun 30 
Titles  98,826  99,141
Copies  108,201 108,530 
Volumes (Items)  111,159  111,502 
Print Collection Usage for the Quarter
Type  Items  Location  Print Items 
VDOT  270  Central Office  105 
VTRC  70  Salem  29 
Other In House/ILL  1 NOVA  27 
UVA  Hampton Roads  25 
    Fredericksburg  12 
Hard Copy Total  341  Staunton  31 
    Lynchburg  39 

The table to the left adds the total number of print items borrowed by each district/division of VDOT (270) to items borrowed by UVA personnel and others, creating a hard copy borrowing total of 341.





The table below adds the number of downloads from the library's virtual collection this quarter to the circulation from the library's print holdings for a total of 3,316 items borrowed or accessed this quarter.


Total collection usage by quarter
 Print Circulation  341 
 Subscription Downloads 3,106 
 Library Usage for the Quarter 3,447 


The table to the left shows the total collection usage for the past five quarters. The FY17 Q1 bar reflects the total seen in the chart above, 3,783 (a combination of print and virtual collection usage).

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