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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q4: April-June 2023


n months 39-41 since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, library functions continued to normalize such that the business impacts and the psychological effects of this difficult time are fading as a factor in how the Library functions — at least at the time of this report. We are cautiously optimistic this trend will continue. 

Staff continue to readjust work schedules radically altered by the pandemic. Our focus is on the need for adequate "in-person" staffing required to run effectively. Staffing is down this quarter, with one full-time librarian and two 1500 hour/year staffers for a Full Time Equivalent of 2.44, our lowest in 5 years. We continue to see days where the library has no in-person staffing, which impacts our ability to serve customers. We implemented LibStaffer software to help in scheduling.

So far decreased staffing has not affected customer satisfaction. Data from our Quality of Service survey indicates high levels of user satisfaction. Of 77 survey responses to the double-blind survey this year, 71 (92%) gave us a 10/10 rating, 5 gave a 9/10 rating, and a one gave us a 6/10. Forty-three patrons left an optional comment, the most interesting of which may have been: "I am a librarian myself having received my MSLS in 1980. I have visited libraries in the lower 48 states and European countries. Your staff is first rate. My inquiry and my visit were excellent. Keep up the good work." However, few things could top the praise we received from the Technical Director of the largest highway construction project in VDOT history, the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel expansion project, featured in this quarter's Spotlight



Librarian Gil Kenner presents to the VDOT EDGE program members at VDOT Central Office.
In June Gil Kenner spoke about the library to members of the EDGE program, a key "pipeline" program at VDOT.   

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