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Library Quarterly Report FY17 Q3: January-March 2018

Research Services

Every day the library receives inquiries and support requests from researchers and employees across the state. Staff record these transactions into a system called LibAnswers, which records analytics of who, what, where, when and how of inquires are received. This quarter there were 601 total transactions, 515 of which were from VDOT personnel, 153 of which were from VTRC, and 86 of which were from Virginia residents, other libraries, or “unaffiliated” customers.

The table to the right shows reference and research questions received by district. The library had a total of 601 transactions, a 75% increase over the number of transactions recorded last quarter. 

The table below shows transactions by day of week and time of day.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Questions
VDOT  515 VTRC 153
    Central Office 106
    Staunton 53
    NOVA 50
    Salem 44
    Richmond 36
    Hampton Roads 33
    Culpeper 17
    Lynchburg 17
Other (Unaffiliated)  86 Bristol 4
Total Questions 601 Fredericksburg 2


Literature Search & Synthesis

Over the past 5 years the library has performed an average of 6 literature searches a quarter. This service is driven by patron requests, which vary widely. This quarter the library received and completed only two search requests:

2. Identifying Best Practices Of State DOTs In The Prevention Or Mitigation Of Workplace (Compiled for Byron Marshall, Safety, Security & Emergency Management, 27 pages)

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