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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q1: July-September 2017

Database Usage

Use of library subscription databases showed healthy increases again this quarter (about 11 %), and continued an upward trend that has seen gains every quarter since October of 2016. During that run, combined database use climbed from 2,765 downloads to 3,494 downloads this quarter, a year to date increase of 19%.  ASTM Compass, Knovel, and ASCE Library remain the library's most used databases, but this quarter we saw a steep rise in the use of Books24x7, which received a radically new user interface (see the Database Improvements section of this report), heavily promoted by the library and the VDOT Learning Center. As a result of promotion and the increased "usability" of that research, usage of Books24x7 jumped 40% and was higher than we've seen since we started collecting statistics on it in 2011. 


Subscription Downloads
The Library continues to expand access to resources through "self-service" online subscription databases. We provide 13 subscription databases to VDOT employees (11 of those are "full text" resources). Because we serve the all of VDOT, we have seen a steady uptick in usage. Tables here show the number of downloads per month (below) from each database, and the trend over the past year (right), which has held steady for the last 12 months at around 1,000 downloads a month.

Subscription database usage FY18 Q1: October 2016-September 2017
Subscription Downloads By VDOT: FY18 Q1
  July  August  September  Total 
ASTM Compass  302  278  243  832 
Books24x7   133  131  429  693 
Knovel  210  286  147  643 
Non-Subscription Downloads (Library Catalog)  170  186  209  565 
TRR   92  139   90  321 
ASCE  106  123  49  278 
EBSCO eBooks  11  15  42  68 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries  10  26  15  51 
ScienceDirect  20  29 
Other (miscellaneous resources)* 10 
EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus 
Monthly Totals  1,046  1,221  1,227  3,494 

Note: Miscellaneous resources includes International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Corrosion and the Highway Capacity Manual.

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