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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q3: January-March 2018

Cataloging, Collections and Technical Services

This quarter the library welcomed new library staffer Rebecca Ernest and spent significant time on staff training to get her acquainted with various library systems, including a "Boot Camp" training session for Springshare resources. Gil Kenner attended the TRB 98th Annual Meeting as a member of ABG40 the Library and Information Science for Transportation Committee.  He also began work on a new Transportation Planning Data Sources LibGuide with VTRC senior research scientist Lance Dougald. Finally, Kenner had a series of meetings with Ken Winter and Wade France (VDOT's learning technology manager) about changes to the Skillsoft Books database (formerly known as Books24x7).


OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Statistics - Mar. 31, 2018
FY18 Q2  FY18 Q3 
Transactions  424  396 
Holdings Added to WorldCat Records  90  64 
Total Titles  100,378  100,378 


Catalog Record Count
Dec. 31  Mar. 31 
Titles  63,784  121,848 
Copies  73,392  131,506 
Volumes (Items)  76,373  134,497 

Print Collection Usage for the Quarter
Type  Items  Location  Print Items 
VDOT  315  Central Office  143 
VTRC  53  Culpeper  68 
Other In House/ILL  Lynchburg  27 
UVA  21  NOVA   25 
Total Print Usage  391   Hampton Roads  21 
Fredericksburg  20 
    Salem  10 
Staunton  0 





The table to the left adds the total number of print items borrowed by each VDOT geographic district (315) to items borrowed by VTRC, UVA personnel and others, creating a hard copy borrowing total of 391 items.





Total collection usage by quarter
 Print Circulation  391 
 Subscription Downloads 3,271 
 Library Usage for the Quarter 3,662 


The table to the left shows the total collection usage for the past five quarters. The FY18 Q3 bar reflects the total seen in the chart above, 3,662 (a combination of print and virtual collection usage).

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