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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q3: January-March 2018

Research Services

The library now uses a sophisticated reference analytics product that is produced by Springshare to track all significant transactions. Called LibAnswers, the system includes a ticketing/dashboard system for tracking inquires and a live chat function. This system us to track the back-and-forth nuances of customer service questions with greater precision and provides data on who is asking questions, where they are located, when the question is asked (time of day, day of week), who responds, what "type" of question is asked, and how long it takes us to respond. This quarter there were 595 transactions across all departments.  Of those, 140 were "reference questions" and 104 of those came from VDOT personnel, while 36 were from Virginia residents, other libraries, or other “unaffiliated” customers.





The table to the right reflects the number of reference and research questions the library received by district/division this quarter. VDOT questions added to those not affiliated with VDOT totaled 140.

Reference Transactions This Quarter
Origin Total District Questions
VDOT 104 Central Office 55

Hampton Roads 4
Salem 2
Staunton 1
Lynchburg 0

Bristol 0
Other/Non-Affiliated 36 Richmond 0
Total Transactions 140 Fredericksburg 0
Culpeper 0



Literature Search & Synthesis

This quarter the library completed two literature searches this quarter for VTRC researchers and VDOT practitioners. Lead on literature searches this quarter was Ken Winter, however, in time and with training much of this type of work will be handed over to new librarian Rebecca Ernest. Two searches is below average for the quarter, however, like all services this is driven 100% by patron need and needs vary from quarter to quarter:

1. Research On the Structure Of Porous Asphalt Pavements: A Literature Search (4 of 4) (Compiled for Dr. Ben Bowers, VTRC Research Scientist, 38 pages)

2. Documenting The Frequency And Severity Of Fires On Or Under Highway Bridges: A Literature Search (Compiled for Claude Napier Jr., Structure & Bridge Division, 59 pages)

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