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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q3: January-March 2018

Database Usage

Use of library subscription databases was above average this quarter and approached record levels, with strong showings by ASTM Compass, Skillsoft BooksASCE Library and Knovel. Of particular note was the increase in downloads/use of Skillsoft Books (formerly known as Books24x7) from an average of just over 300 accesses to a total of 590 this quarter. We attribute that increase to our work with VDOT University to promote and support use of the resource through a new Skillsoft Books Quick Start Guide we designed in conjunction with VDOT HR's Learning Technology manager.


The library continues to expand access to resources through "self-service" online subscription databases. VDOT has thirteen subscription databases (11 are "full text"). Because the library serves the entire VDOT community, we continue to see a shift from printed book checkouts to self-service access through subscription databases. The tables show total downloads by month (below) for each database, and the trend over the past year (right), which has been relatively flat in the past 8 months but is rebounding.
Subscription database usage FY18 Q3.



Subscription Downloads By VDOT
January  February  March  Total 
ASTM Compass  386  305  260  951 
Skillsoft Books  202  221  167  590 
Non-Subscription Downloads (EOS Clickthroughs)  163  155  202  520 
ASCE Library  71  85  325  481 
Knovel  149  154  119  422 
TRR  36  34  64  134 
EBSCO eBooks  10  11  41  62 
Other (miscellaneous resources)  17  16  38 
EBSCO Business Source Complete  28  29 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries   22  26 
ScienceDirect  12  18 
Monthly Totals  1,037  1,023  1,211  3,271 



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