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Library Quarterly Report FY21 Q1: July-Sept 2020

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Document Deliveries
Adapting to COVID-19

Interlibrary lending and document delivery, led by Barb Neyman, is a critical tool for locating and delivering specialized resources to VDOT employees. We use OCLC's WorldShare ILL to process requests from libraries worldwide. However, our account has been set to "deflect" requests since March, collections have been quarantined, and the library has been minimally staffed. Despite these facts this quarter we received 41 OCLC requests as libraries start to return to normal, but all were deflected. We filled 2 requests that were sent directly. We borrowed 27 items from other libraries this quarter, as we continue to get back to pre-COVID levels of this service. Our average borrowing quantity is 34 items/quarter in recent years.

    Libraries We Borrowed From: 27 Transactions

Libaries VDOT borrowed from.


This quarter we requested and received 27 items from other libraries. Of all requests, 22 were supplied by academic libraries, 3 came from federal libraries, 1 by came from a state library and 1 from a library classified as "other." Only 1 item came from a "transportation" library. Items requested were borrowed from libraries in 14 states and 1 foreign country (Germany). 20 of the requests were filled as hard copy (books/reports) and 7 as photocopy/digital/fax (articles/chapters).







This quarter we received 41 requests from 15 libraries in 13 U.S. states. All were deflected. We received 2 non-OCLC requests (Kansas DOT and University of Florida) which we filled.

                    Libraries We Loaned To: 2 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries
Document Deliveries
 FY20 Q2  FY20 Q3  FY20 Q4   FY21 Q1
 44  26  29  50

Note: Document Deliveries are items patrons request that library staff scan or download from a database or subscription resource and sent to the patron as a service.

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