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Library Quarterly Report FY21 Q2: October-December 2020

Spotlight: Shifting to 'Maintenance Mode' for Web Pages, Guides and FAQs

Library Web Site: The library site has grown from 2016 to the present (described in this Springshare Client Success Story), and is now fully developed. Accordingly, we are shifting from construction to maintenance. The site is comprised of: homepage, sub-pages, guides, reports and FAQs. While visits to the library's main screen ("homepage") were down about 8% (1,316 less visits), total page views went from 41,565 to, 45,818, a gain of about 10%. Most site content was "maintained" this year, though some older items (guides and FAQs) were retired, and many new pages were created. We saw net gains in the number of sub-pages, guides, FAQs and reports, resulting in an overall content gain of about 36%.

Library Web Site Pages and Visits 2020 vs. 2019
  2020 Pages  2019 Pages  Change   2020 Views  2019 Views Change
Site homepage  1 15,372 16,688 -1,316 
Site Sub-Pages   23 18  +5 1,820 1,613 +207
Research Guides  35 25 +10 12,674 10,461 +2,213
 FAQ Pages  127 72 +72 2,179 1,718 +72
 Library Report Pages  17 135  +3 1,099 624 +475
A-Z Resource List  1 12,674 10,461 +2,213
Totals:  204 131 +73 45,818 41,565 +4,253

Note: All content listed above reflects "publicly accessible" Web pages and changes reflect content or views for 2020 or 2019, respectively.

Library Staff Lounge: Our goal in creating a staff lounge was as a single online space for "internal" links to library resources and collections, frequently used online resources and procedural guides. Current architecture does not permit us to count visits to the Lounge "homepage" so total visits are not known. Like the Web page, we also consider this site "mature." Site content grew in 2020, but not as much as on the public-facing Web page. Staff views of "internal" FAQs went from 103 last year to 16 in 2020, but overall the use of the Lounge site was up about 16%.

'Staff Lounge' Web Site Pages and Visits 2020 vs. 2019
  2020 Pages  2019 Pages  Change   2020 Views  2019 Views Change
Site homepage  1 1 unknown unknown unknown 
Site Sub-Pages   9 9 725 528 +197
Staff Only Guides  46 42 +4 616 521 +95
 Staff Only FAQ  38 36 +2 16 103 -87
Totals:  94 88 +6 1,357 1,152 +205

Note: The library's "Staff Lounge" is a password protected "staff only" site that has FAQs, process guides and other pages staff use to do library work.


Instructional Videos Added to New YouTube Channel
Four new videos were added to the library's newly created (last quarter) YouTube Channel this quarter.

The channel now has 6 videos, which is not much content yet. Total views are still low, so we hope to promote the channel and embed the videos in ways that will make them useful to patrons at their point of need.

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