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Library Quarterly Report FY21 Q2: October-December 2020

Research Services

The library utilizes Springshare’s LibAnswers with Reference Analytics to track patron interactions/transactions, which includes a ticketing/dashboard for tracking inquires and a live chat function. The software allows library staff to track customer service questions with precision. This quarter there were 589 total transactions across all departments, 317 of which were from VDOT personnel, of which 197 were from VTRC researchers.  As the pandemic started, reference questions started to dwindle and they have trended down every quarter since March 2020. The stat bottomed last quarter at 146 and started to rise again this quarter with a total of 185. This is the first quarter in memory where there were no reference transactions from UVA or other libraries, external research agencies or the public. Limited requests for reference/research assistance are understandable during the pandemic.



The table to the right shows reference and research questions the library received by district/division this quarter (185 total). There were no questions received this quarter from UVA students/faculty or other libraries, resulting in a total of 185.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  185 VTRC 100
Central Office 38
Staunton 10
Richmond 9
Hampton Roads 6
Fredericksburg 6
UVA Student/Faculty 0 Salem 1
Other (Non-affiliated) 0 Lynchburg 0
Total Transactions 185 Culpeper 0
Bristol 0

Literature Search & Synthesis

The library provides a literature search and synthesis for patrons to help them avoid reinventing the wheel or missing research that is potentially relevant to their topic but otherwise difficult to find and access. This service is quick but thorough and each search is delivered to meet the requestor's needs at a precise moment in time. The library completed four searches this quarter:

1. Effectiveness of Through Truck Restriction Signs on Virginia's Rural Roads: A Search for Guidance (Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr., VTRC Associate Principal Research Scientist, 19 pages)

2. Exploring the Use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) by State DOTs and Other Agencies Engaged In Public Works Construction (Audrey K. Moruza, Senior Research Scientist, 51 pages)

3. Maintaining Virginia's Gravel Roads: A Search for Superior Dust Control Products (Edward J. Hoppe, Ph.D., P.E., VTRC Associate Principal Research Scientist, 46 pages)


4. Exploring the Option of Displaying Spanish Language Messages On Changeable Message Signs (Marshall M. Herman, Special Assistant, Office of the Secretary of Transportation, 42 pages)

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