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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q1: July-Sept 2022

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Document Deliveries
Adapting to COVID-19

Interlibrary lending, run by Barb Neyman, is critical for locating and delivering specialized sources to VDOT employees. We use OCLC's WorldShare ILL network to borrow and lend worldwide. We were a non-lender for 5 quarters during the hardest part of the pandemic, but have now fully restored our lending status. We find we are once again being asked by libraries to lend "non-lendable" materials. This quarter we were asked for 55 items, but granted only 3 loans. Most common reasons for refusal to loan were "auto deflections" an inability to lend eBooks or "licensed" resources, and our policy not to lend reference materials.

Libraries We Borrowed From: 26 Transactions

Libraries VDOT borrowed from.


This quarter we requested and received 26 items from 18 libraries worldwide. Of all requests, 22 were supplied by academic libraries, 3 came from federal libraries and 1 came from a special library. Only 3 came from libraries with a connection to transportation. Items requested were borrowed from libraries in 10 states and 2 foreign country (Australia and Canada). Nine of the requests were filled as hard copy (books/reports) and 17 as photocopy/digital/fax (articles/chapters).






This quarter we received 55 requests from 41 libraries in 21 U.S. states 1 foreign country (Canada). We loaned 3 items (all hard copy), 2 of which were to academic libraries and 1 to a federal library. No items were loaned to transportation libraries.

                    Libraries We Loaned To: 3 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries
Document Deliveries
 FY22 Q2  FY22 Q3  FY22 Q4   FY23 Q1
 37  56  47  55

Note: Document Deliveries are items patrons request that library staff scan or download from a database or subscription resource and sent to the patron as a service.

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