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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q1: July-Sept 2022

Spotlight: Library Holds Second 'Users Group' Meeting

Screen capture showing the Library Users Group members only area.
The Library Users Group now has an online "members only" area where minutes, agendas and presentations will be stored.  

The VDOT Research Library held its second Library Users Group (LUG) meeting at VTRC in Charlottesville, Virginia, on September 15, 2022. 
The meeting was well attended, with all 3 officers in attendance, as well as 6 of 9 members, and participation by Dr. Michael Fitch, recently named Research Director at VTRC. In addition, the library welcomed guest Iris Vaughn, Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer from FHWA's Virginia Field Office. Unable to attend were guests and members from VDOT's Communications, Training and Environmental divisions. 

On the heels of last February's inaugural meeting, which was virtual, the committee extended its momentum with high levels of participation and engagement from participants who were "at the table" to explore library initiatives. The group had a productive discussion of topics of relevance and impact for VDOT. In fact, a surprising nine "Action Items" emerged for LUG members to follow up on. About half of those action items were advanced by library staff right away. Provided that COVID-related travel restrictions are not in place, the next meeting is planned for April 2023 at VTRC.

Four Key Action Items Are Advanced Immediately by Library Staff

Item 1: Gil Kenner was invited to visit CO Office Structure & Bridge to document historical copies of VDOT Road & Bridge Standards. The library has long wanted to catalog years and volumes in existence for this publication, with the possibility of a scanning project to follow. Gil Kenner visited CO Structure & Bridge Division for an initial assessment and will share his findings at the spring LUG meeting.

Item 2: The library will deploy a trial of four new content categories in the Knovel database during November 2022. Committee members asked to participate and encourage others to participate in that trial. The library mapped out the trial, created a survey instrument and a marketing campaign. Comments and usage data will be assessed in December with plans to make a decision in early 2023.

Item 3: The Library will follow up with Wade France of VDOT U regarding changes to the Skillsoft Books information platform, support for testing/implementation/roll out/promotion of Skillsoft’s new Percipio interface, and to advance efforts for cross promotion between VDOT U and the Library. An initial discussion was scheduled for October to brainstorm ideas for collaboration between the work units.

Item 4: The Library will interview committee member Dr. Steve Sharp regarding his insightful comments about potential photo/document archives, and his idea to establish “signature structures” which might be helpful approach for the library. The meeting was planned for October to explore the concept of “signature structures” and investiage resources related to those structures.

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