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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q1: July-Sept 2022

Database Usage
Adapting to COVID-19

Subscription database use as measured by full-text downloads continued to climb this quarter, reaching 3,726. Last quarter's stat was 3,163 and the quarter before was 2,820, with a record low of 1,915 in FY22Q2. The 5-year average has been around 3,200/year. Leading all resources (as is typically the case) was ASTM Compass, followed by Transportation Research Record, Knovel and ASCE Library. While TRR downloads were higher that we've seen in a decade we do not know what to attribute that to. The 5-year average for TRR is about 250 downloads a quarter.


The VDOT Research Library continues to expand access to key resources through desktop access to subscriptions. VDOT employees have access to 19 database subscriptions (18 of those are "full text") and because we serve the entire VDOT community, these resources see steady usage. The table below shows the number of downloads per month this quarter (averaging 1,242/month), which trending up from the past two years.  


Subscription database usage FY23 Q1.



Subscription Downloads By VDOT: FY23 Q1
July  August  September  Total 
ASTM Compass  313  414  1,013  1,740 
Transporation Research Record  249  193  121  563 
Knovel  222  160  180  562 
ASCE Library  91  236  71  398 
Skillsoft Books  104  85  79  268 
Non-Subscription Downloads (Library Catalog)  31  37  23  91 
ScienceDirect   16  12  34 
* EBSCO eBooks  14  31 
** Miscellaneous journals  21 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries  10 
 EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus 
Monthly Totals  1,043  1,163  1,520  3,726 

The EBSCO eBooks category combines three EBSCO eBook collections: Harvard Business Review Press, BussinessCore and EngineeringCore.
** The Miscellaneous journals category includes journals from the ICE Virtual Library collection, Taylor & Francis, ACI and Corrosion. 

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