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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q2: October-December 2022

Cataloging, Collections and Technical Services

As mentioned in the introduction, Gil Kenner, head of technical services, met with several groups this quarter resulting in the identification of multiple potential collections to expand the holdings of the library's Digital Archive. These ranged from such materials as VDOT bridge standards from the early 20th century to VDOT communications photos from the blizzard of '93. With limited staffing, time, and access to scanning hardware and software, the focus quickly shifted from the plethora of valuable materials to the crafting of an internal "best practices" document to assist the library in the prioritization of potential digitization projects. Working closely with Ken Winter on this document, it is our hope that in the coming quarters the library will be poised to make significant additions to our digital collections. 

OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Statistics - October 30, 2021
FY23 Q1  FY23 Q2 
Transactions  101  297 
Holdings Added to WorldCat Records  10   26 
Total Titles  146,346   149,607 


Catalog Record Count
Oct. 1  Dec. 31 
Titles  161,338  161,384 
Copies  171,033  171,002 
Volumes (Items)  174,168  174,131 
Print Collection Usage for the Quarter
Type  Items  Location  Print Items 
VDOT  146  NOVA  72 
VTRC  46  Central Office  37 
Other In House/ILL  Hampton Roads  21 

Total Print Usage  192  Richmond  5 


The table to the left adds the total number of print items borrowed by each district/division of VDOT (146) to items "checked out" or "renewed" by VTRC, UVA personnel and others, creating a hard copy borrowing total of 192.



The table below adds the number of downloads from the library's virtual collection this quarter to the circulation from the library's print holdings for a total of 4,588 items borrowed or accessed this quarter.



This chart shows total collection usage by quarter.
 Print Circulation  192 
 Subscription Downloads 4,396 
 Library Usage for the Quarter 4,588 

The table to the left shows the total collection usage for the past five quarters. The FY23 Q2 bar reflects the total seen in the chart above, 4,588 (a combination of print and virtual collection usage).

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