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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q2: October-December 2022

Spotlight: Library Trial of Four Content Categories In Knovel

This quarter the library conducted a 30-day trial of four new Knovel collections: Environment & Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response, Safety & Industrial Hygiene, and Sustainable Energy & Development. The survey garnered 14 responses a rate of 21.5%. While lower than preferred, respondents were the right experts at VDOT to comment on the collections being explored on behalf of VDOT. Library content selectors analyzed all 1,406 eBook titles in the four categories, factoring in pricing, comparisons with eBooks already licensed by through other vendors or in the library's print collection, recent patron requests and VDOT’s needs for workforce development. Depending on how the question was asked, VDOT testers listed Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response or Environment & Environmental Engineering first, second or in a tie position.

Overall Score: Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response had the highest “score” overall, with 39 points, followed by Safety & Industrial Hygiene (37), then Environment & Environmental Engineering (34).

Most Relevant: Respondents were asked to rank collections for “relevancy” to VDOT’s future information needs. Environment & Environmental Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response, were tied for first, followed by Safety & Industrial Hygiene in a close second.

Top Picks: When asked “Based on your tests and experiences at VDOT, which subject categories do you think VDOT should subscribe to?” Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response was first (64%), trailed by Environment & Environmental Engineering (57%), and Safety & Industrial Hygiene (50%). 

Image showing graph of survey results.

When asked the ultimate question: Which subject collections do you think VDOT should subscribe to, the top categories emerged.

Recommendations: Due to low ratings across the board we dropped "Sustainable Energy & Development" from consideration. If budgets are sufficient, we recommended 
adding some or all of the following subject  categories: 

1. Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response (105 eBooks)

2. Environment & Environmental Engineering (431 eBooks)

3. Safety & Industrial Hygiene (283 eBooks) 

The library should develop a user awareness and promotion strategy to be sure the right know how to access and use Knovel collections. The strategy should combine an effort to more precisely identify potential users of the materials (by work unit or by name) and instruction to teach them how Knovel eBooks work, with ongoing library support.

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