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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q2: October-December 2022

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Document Deliveries

Interlibrary lending, run by Barb Neyman, is critical for locating and delivering specialized sources to VDOT employees. We use OCLC's WorldShare ILL network to borrow and lend worldwide. We changed our status to "non-lender" for 5 quarters during the most challenging part of the pandemic, but have now fully restored our lending status. While we will again consider any request, we are highly selective about what we loan, typically granting on loan for every 6-7 requests receive. We find we are once again being asked by libraries to lend "non-lendable" materials such as eBooks. This quarter we received 39 requests from libraries in 19 U.S. states, as well as Canada and Lebanon, loaning only 6 items. Meanwhile we borrowed 26 items from other libraries willing to loan to us. ILL is almost always a "net gain" service us.

       Libraries We Borrowed From: 26 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries.


This quarter the library requested and received a total of 26 total items from other libraries. 20 libraries supplied items to us, though none were transportation libraries. 22 of our requests were supplied by academic libraries, 3 came from private libraries, and 1 from a public library. Items requested were sent from libraries in eleven U.S. states.
In all, 7 of the requests were filled as hard copy (books/reports) and 19 as photocopy/digital/ fax (articles, chapters, excerpts).







This quarter we received 39 requests from 31 libraries in 19 states and two foreign countries (Canada and Lebanon). We loaned a total of 6 items, 3 to federal libraries, and 1 to a public, 1 to an academic and 1 to a state library. 




Libraries We Loaned To: 6 Transactions        

VDOT as lender to other libraries.
Document Deliveries
 FY22 Q3  FY22 Q4  FY23 Q1  FY23 Q2
 56  47  55  47

Note: Document Deliveries are items patrons request that library staff scan or download from a database or subscription resource and sent to the patron as a service.

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