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Basic information about the Virginia Transportation Research Council.

VTRC Reports

VTRC researchers produce three types of written output. "Final Reports" document the purpose and scope of a study, methods used, results obtained, conclusions drawn, and recommendations made. They are transmitted to sponsors and the greater transportation community at large. In 2023 VTRC began making "Supplemental" materials related to Final Reports accessible online as well. Supplemental materials relate directly to a corresponding Final Report, but they contain information that could not be included for practical reasons (for example, a large appendix). Finally, VTRC researchers conduct many projects internally and coordinate research being conducted by other organizations on behalf of VDOT. In many cases, those findings are captured through a "Technical Assistance" or TA Report.

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VTRC Final Reports List

(Publicly accessible.)
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Supplements to Final Reports List

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TA Reports Database List
(Accessible to VDOT staff.)

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About the Virginia Transporation Research Council

Photograph of Shelburne Hall, where VTRC is located.

One of the nation's leading transportation research centers, the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) specializes in basic and applied research to support VDOT, its primary customer. VTRC also provides technical consulting and training of future transportation professionals through work with the University of Virginia (where it has been located since 1948) and other Virginia universities. VTRC research promotes advances in:

  • Structures
  • Safety
  • Transportation planning
  • Materials
  • System operations
  • Environmental issues 
  • Pavements
  • Traffic engineering
  • Business practices

VTRC's first director established a library in 1944 to support full-time research staff. The library has been located at VTRC ever since, but in 2008 it was renamed the VDOT Research Library to underscore the fact that it is a resource for all VDOT employees (not just researchers) in all districts and all divisions.

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