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Must-Reads From the Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Press has combed through hundreds of articles from the acclaimed journal "Harvard Business Review" and selected the most important ones, collecting them by topic to help you maximize your performance. For your convenience each collection

What Are HBR 10 Must-Reads?

Image of HBR 10-must reads box set.You want the most important ideas on business and management all in one place, right? Thanks to the VDOT Library's latest subscription you've got it!

While it is convenient that the library's journal subscriptions provide employees access the full text of every article published in the legendary journal Harvard Business Review since 1922, that's way too much for busy employees to sift through.

Luckily, HBR Press has released these "Must Read" article complications to help. Each issue is published as an eBook, and those eBooks are now available for immediate onscreen viewing or download to portable devices through EBSCO's Harvard Business eBooks platform.

Browse selected topics (left) or check out this list of all HBR Must Reads in the Library's Online Catalog.

Note: HBR Must Reads are a small portion of EBSCOs 700-volume collection Harvard Business Review eBooks. For details, check out this Quick Start Guide to Harvard Business Review eBooks.

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