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ICE Virtual Library: Quick Start Guide: About

A quick start guide to using the ICE Virtual Library subscription database, available to VDOT employees through the VDOT Research Library.

What is the ICE Virtual Library?

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What is the ICE Virtual Library?
The ICE Virtual Library is a full-text online database from ICE Publishing (the publishing arm of the United Kingdom's Institution of Civil Engineers, or ICE). It provides a quick way to browse or search through 37,000 articles and conference proceedings papers from 46 peer-reviewed journals in subjects like: construction, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, structures, environmental science, urban planning, and transportation history. 

ICE is accessible from the Library’s Web site or the Library’s Online CatalogThe direct link to ICE Virtual Library is:​

What types of publications are in VDOT's subscription?

At this time, VDOT’s subscription only provides access to articles (and some proceedings papers) from 40 of the 46 journals ICE publishes. Precise titles, volumes and issues are shown in this Guide to ICE Journals

Right now VDOT's subscription does not include any of the 1,500 eBooks that can be found on the site. That is due in part to the fact that many of the eBooks ICE offers are already accessible through VDOT's subscription to the Knovel database. This FAQ provides some specific examples of ICE eBooks you can access in other subscriptions. 

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