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Library Quarterly Report FY19 Q1: July-Sept 2018

Cataloging, Collections and Technical Services

Gil Kenner worked with student intern Grace Johnson to update Transportation Research Record (TRR) links in the library's catalog. TRR  which recently migrated publishers from Metapress to Sage. Gil also consulted with Robin Russell at Arkansas DOT about serials, providing advice on upgrading their library catalog and ILS, and the overall benefits of the standardization of bibliographic data and OCLC membership. Continued to monitor developments of the dialog between AASHTO and several transportation libraries regarding their distribution of Web-Based publications. This quarter the Library also officially acquired OCLC's CONTENTdm platform to facilitate the long anticipated digitization project of the VDOT Bulletin.


OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Statistics - Sept. 30, 2018
FY18 Q4  FY19 Q1 
Transactions  412  534 
Holdings Added to WorldCat Records  58  101 
Total Titles  100,378  100,378 


Catalog Record Count
June 30  Sept. 30 
Titles  127,912  127,983 
Copies  137,601  137,731 
Volumes (Items)  140,604  140,741 


Print Collection Usage for the Quarter
Type  Items  Location  Print Items 
VDOT  203  Central Office  68 
VTRC  84  Staunton  40 
Other In House/ILL  Fredericksburg  32 
UVA  25  Hampton Roads  23 
Total Print Usage  314  Lynchburg  10 
Bristol  8 


The tables above show the number of changes made to the library's bibliographic records in the OCLC database WorldCat, including new records and record updates, as well as our library's holdings as measured in unique tittles (127,983), total copies (137,731) and total volumes/items held (140,741).


The table to the left adds the total number of print items borrowed by each district/division of VDOT (203) to items borrowed by UVA personnel and others, creating a hard copy borrowing total of 314.



FY19 total collection usage
 Print Circulation  314 
 Subscription Downloads 3,316 
 Library Usage for the Quarter 3,630 

The table to the left shows the total collection usage for the past five quarters. The FY19 Q1 bar reflects the total seen in the chart above, 3,630 (a combination of print and virtual collection usage).

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