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VDOT's Knovel Subscription Now Works With 'Single Sign On'

by Ken Winter on 2023-11-14T15:47:56-05:00 in Engineering, Environmental, Health & Wellness, Management & Leadership, VDOT Library | 0 Comments

This video shows how easy it is to access Knovel using 'Single Sign On.' Click to try it now!


Building on our efforts to create 'one-click' access to ASTM Compass (last May), the VDOT Research Library is excited to announce that 'Single Sign On' access is now in place for the Knovel database as well! 


Since 2011 Knovel has been one of the library's top subscriptions in terms of full-text online downloads by VDOT employees in search of technical content. But like ASTM Compass, access to Knovel has historically been "unique" among our 20+ databases in that it required VDOT users to create a second username and password for access.


Those days are gone thanks to the magic of SSO...If you are logged on the VDOT network and you click a link to Knovel you will now go straight in! In fact, returning Knovel users will even be recognized back "by name" with all your favorites, recently accessed eBooks, recent searches and everything else right where you left off last time you were in. How great is that? 


How does access work for first-time Knovel users? 
If you are already logged in to the VDOT network, but you have never used Knovel before, a partial account will be created for you "on the fly" the first time you access it.  You'll see this message to "Please complete your profile..." 


Image showing the banner prompting users to complete their Knovel registration.


You can do that by simply adding your first and last name (you will only ever see this screen one time) and clicking "save" as shown here:


Screen capture showing the first name, last name and "save" elements required to complete registration.


What happens if I try to use Knovel from a device off the VDOT network? 
Like all Okta-enabled applications, you'll be prompted for your VDOT network credentials so you can be recognized and authorized with those credentials. This will be the case in situations where authorized VDOT employees are using their personal PC at home, personal device like a phone or an iPad, or a VDOT-issued device that is not directly connected to the network or connected through VPN. 

 The Okta sign-in screen looks like this: 

Screen capture showing the Okta login screen you will see if you try to log in from off the network.


If you frequently use the Okta "My Apps" page you'll notice a tile leading to Knovel is there as well now, as shown below. One click of that tile takes you right in to start using Knovel: 

Screen capture showing the Okta My Apps page with a tile for Knovel.


Finally, you may want to add a bookmark to Knovel to your favorite browser, or you might want to share a link to Knovel with a friend at VDOT.  We hope you do!  If so, please use this special URL: as it is designed to redirect you through VDOT's SSO technology. 


For questions or support see this Knovel Quick-Start Guide


Or get in touch with a librarian...we're here to help!


Ken Winter
(434) 962-8979
VDOT Research Library


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