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VDOT Bulletin Quick Start Guide: About

A quick start guide to accessing the VDOT Bulletin using the VDOT Library's Digital Collections site.

The VDOT Bulletin in VDOT Library Digital Collections

This is a guide to accessing the VDOT Bulletin online via the new VDOT Library Digital Collections website.

* The VDOT Digital Collections Website works best in the Chrome Browser. See this FAQ for more information on acquiring and using Chrome at VDOT.*

The Bulletin, VDOT’s internal news publication, debuted in November 1934 as the “Virginia Highway Bulletin.” It was: “Issued monthly by the Virginia Department of Highways to furnish a common medium for the dissemination of departmental news and information of mutual interest and educational value to its employees.” The VDOT Library has the most comprehensive collection of the Bulletin (in all its various incarnations spanning years 1934-2009) anywhere. Until recently, the collection was only accessible in physical hardcopy form on the library's shelves. The VDOT Library undertook an extensive digitization effort to finally make this important piece of VDOT's history fully available online to everyone- anywhere, anytime, and with the added ease of full text searching and navigation capabilities. 

This guide is intended as an introduction to help new users get started browsing the Bulletin, searching the full text, navigating some unique features of the VDOT Library Digital Collections site, and to offer some additional tips and tricks, as well as ways to get additional help

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