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VDOT OneSearch: Quick Start Guide: Duplicates

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use VDOT OneSearch to perform simple searches. OneSearch is a federated search tool that helps VDOT employees quickly search dozens of databases at once in real time, merging relevant results to

About Duplicate Records

We know from years of experience that many articles are indexed in multiple databases, so we're always trying to help patrons find the MOST relevant resources from the BEST databases QUICKLY, and without excessive duplicates. OneSearch can be a time-saving tool in this regard.

How exactly are duplicate records handled by OneSearch?  

In examples up to this point we have not seen duplicate records, but OneSearch does automatically search for them and will show you when one is found with the wording "Show duplicates of this result"  under the citation retrieved. Here's an example: 

Screen capture showing a duplicate in OneSearch that is not being displayed.


Clicking on the chevrons to the right will expand the field to show you data for the duplicate citation, giving you the option to explore either the initial citation presented, or the duplicate citation. In some cases there is a reason to select the initial citation and in some cases the duplicate (for example you one will have a handy abstract, or will lead you to the full text!) but either way it is good to be able to compare the duplicates side by side, like this: 

Screen capture showing a duplicate in OneSearch that is being displayed.

You'll find you can quickly check both citations to see which one you want to explore fully. Again, this is a remarkable time saver compared to searching in two (or more) databases and comparing results.

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