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VDOT OneSearch: Quick Start Guide: Remote Access

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use VDOT OneSearch to perform simple searches. OneSearch is a federated search tool that helps VDOT employees quickly search dozens of databases at once in real time, merging relevant results to

Using OneSearch Off the VDOT Network

Because it is publicly accessible, anyone with an Internet-connected device can use VDOT OneSearch and anyone can perform a search across any variation of the 25 subscription and publicly accessible sources listed. However, full-text results returned from a database that is one of VDOT's subscriptions will only be accessible to VDOT employees

VDOT employees searching OneSearch from devices that are on the VDOT network will go directly to the full text of any subscription source listed with one click.  

However, employees working from devices NOT on the VDOT network (Example: your home computer) can still use OneSearch. In this scenario, when you get search results and click on one for a subscription you will be prompted to enter your Virtual Library Card credentials, via a screen that looks like this: 

VDOT Virtual Library Card prompt for credentials
Work at VDOT but forgot your library card password? Click "Reset Password" to fix that. Work at VDOT but don't have a Virtual Library Card?  Click "Request a Card" to fix that.

Those who are not VDOT employees or consultants (and thus will not never be on the VDOT network) who search VDOT subscription sources via OneSearch will not be authorized to access paid content in those sources. However, OneSearch will work for anyone outside of VDOT if they limit their searches to the following publicly accessible sources:

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