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This guide helps VDOT employees explore books (both "printed books and eBooks) related to innovation.

What is VDOT of Tomorrow?

VDOT of Tomorrow is a development program to strengthen employee skills, re-envision the way we work, enhance performance and maximize resources. It has 10 strategic initiatives focused on 3 priorities, one of which is "Innovation." VDOT's Research Library and the Office of Strategic Innovation collaborated on this guide to help employees access printed books and "eBooks" on innovation.

The Purpose of This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to walk VDOT employees through the steps of finding and "checking out" hard-copy books from our large collections, and to explain how VDOT employees can find and start reading "eBooks" with a few clicks from their VDOT computer or other Internet-connected device.

Printed books and eBooks differ in significant ways, so this guide will explain key differences to help VDOT employees get the most out of these and other resources, and take advantage of library support services.

VDOT Has a Library?

Yes, but many VDOT employees do not know the library exists to support their work and professional development. This guide will connect users to collections and support services, which are available 24/7/365. The library provides access to:  

Do You Have a Library Card?

If not, let's fix that. This guide will help VDOT employees get and use a Virtual Library Card which allows them to do all of the above from any connected device (including a home PC). Our Web site is publicly accessible at Subscriptions linked from the site are only accessible to VDOT employees, who will only be prompted for credentials when checking out print books remotely or accessing subscriptions from devices off the VDOT network.

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