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Innovation: Skillsoft Books: Read a Book

This guide helps VDOT employees explore books (both "printed books and eBooks) related to innovation.

Skillsoft Books Basics: Get Started Reading

Skillsoft Books are only available for on-screen reading (no downloading). They are viewed as HTML in your browser window. Since Skillsoft Books is accessible to VDOT employees from off the VDOT network and since most devices are connected, that should not pose an obstacle. Follow these steps to start reading:

Image showing the Launch page for a Skillsoft book
What a Book Looks Like:
1. Select the "Launch" button and the text of the book should open up in the built-in eBook reader. 

Your starting point will be the book's table of contents (not the book's cover), which is hypertext linked by chapter and sub-chapter "sections."

2. Optionally, you can also click on a hyperlinked chapter title to start on a specific chapter.

3. Selecting the Downward arrow icon. displays sub-chapter headings, which allows you to start at a specific spot within a chapter. 
Note: When you open a book, it will open in a new browser window.

What a Book "Page" Looks Like:
1. Arrows to the right (and left) side of the page allow the reader to advance one page forward or backward.

2. A scrollable bar on the right side of the page allows the reader to move up or down on the page being displayed.

3. Icons at the top allow the reader to perform the following

icon of table of contents Displays Table of Contents, linked to book chapters/sections.

icon of information Information (displays a description of the book's content).

Icon for notes Notes: Allows you to add notes to a chapter or section. 

Icon for bookmark Bookmark: Adds a bookmark to a section of the book.

Icon for search Search: Allows you to search "All content" or "My notes" 

Icon for more icon options More Options: Reveals the Save, Font Size & Share (below).

Icon for save Save: Allows you to "Save to My Learning Plan"

Icon to change text size Font: Increases or decreases font size on screen.

Icon for share Share: Generates a URL you can share with others at VDOT.

Screen capture showing a page view in Skillsoft Books.

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