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Knovel: Quick Start Guide: About

The purpose of this guide is help VDOT employees find and use Knovel, a “full-text” subscription database available to all VDOT employees by the VDOT Research Library.

New: Single Sign On Authentication!

In November 2023 the VDOT Research Library added 'Single Sign On' (SSO) access to Knovel. Translation: Thanks to the magic of SSO...if you are a VDOT employee logged on the VDOT network and you click a link to Knovel you will now go straight in without being prompted to create or enter a second username and password. This article in the Library's Newsletter explains SSO for Knovel in more detail.

What is Knovel?

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What is Knovel?
Knovel is an eBook database accessible to all VDOT employees from the VDOT network. VDOT’s subscription provides access to electronic versions of technical guides, manuals and other reference sources from core publishers, including: AASHTO, TRB, Wiley, and Elsevier. This “virtual” library collection is an important supplement to the VDOT's “physical” collections. Knovel offers 35 subject areas from Composites Textiles via the URL: At this time VDOT only subscribes to these engineering collections, for a total of about 3,700 eBook titles:  

•    Civil Engineering & Construction Materials (1,255 books)
•    Engineering Management & Leadership (295 books)
•    General Engineering & Project Administratio (1,501 books)
•    Transportation Engineering (417 books)

In 2023 the library added three new collections below, for a total of 7 collections

•    Environment & Environmental Engineering (431 books)
•    Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response (105 books)
•    Safety & Industrial Hygiene (453 books) 

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