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ScienceDirect: Finding Full-Text: Self-Service Accounts

VDOT has a unique approach for accessing full-text publications from ScienceDirect. This guide explains the two types of accounts that are available to VDOT patrons.

Self-Service Accounts

Self-service accounts allow selected patrons to download articles on their own without having to fill out any online forms or wait for library staff to respond.  The process is faster and far more convenient, but requires patrons to proceed cautiously because once the patron clicks through the on-screen agreement the article is downloaded and all sales are final!

Here's what the patron with a Self-Service Account will see.  While the patron with a Regular Access Account sees "Get Access" (which leads to an online request form) as you can see, a user with a Self-Service Account will instead see "Download PDF"):

Screen capture showing icons on a self-service account.

After clicking "Download PDF" the user will see this agreement:

Screen capture of self-service agreement.

If the patron clicks the "Continue" button as shown above they will be consenting to the agreement, and the pdf will load on their screen, as shown below:

Screen capture of a pdf downloaded from the library's ScienceDirect account.


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