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Library Quarterly Report FY20 Q3: January-March 2020

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Document Deliveries

Interlibrary lending, led by Barb Neyman, helps us locate, acquire, and deliver specialized information to VDOT employees in ways that are more effective than if we were to attempt to acquire, catalog, and store all needed publications. In the past 5 years we have averaged 7 loans per quarter to other libraries, while borrowing an average of 35 items per quarter. In FY20Q1 we received an unusually high 73 requests, of which we filled 5. In FY20Q2 we had received 86 requests, of which we filled 8. This quarter we set a new record of 109 request or which we filled 9. Due to the pandemic, we have turned off our OCLC ILL lending symbol until we believe we can access collections and process materials safely.

  Libraries We Borrowed From: 15 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries.



This quarter the library requested and received 15 total items from other libraries. 9 libraries worldwide lent items to our library, 8 of our requests were supplied by academic libraries, 6 from state libraries, and 1 from a federal library. Items requested were from libraries in 8 different states. 10 of the requests were filled as hard copy (books/reports) and 5 as photocopy/digital/ fax (articles, chapters, excerpts).








This quarter we received 109 requests from 80 libraries in 34 states and 1 foreign country (Sweden). We supplied 9 items total. Of the items we loaned, 5 wee sent to academic libraries, and one each to federal, private, states and other types of libraries.

Libraries We Loaned To: 9 Transactions        

VDOT as borrower from other libraries

Document Deliveries
 FY19 Q4  FY20 Q1  FY20 Q2  FY20 Q3
 26  29  60  60
Note: Document Deliveries are items patrons request that library staff scan or download from a database or subscription resource and sent to the patron as a service.

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