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ASTM Compass: Quick Start Guide: About

A quick start guide to using the ASTM Compass subscription database available to VDOT employees through the VDOT Research Library.

What is ASTM Compass?

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What is ASTM Compass?

ASTM Compass is a full-text database from ASTM, which is accessible to all VDOT employees. It is one of VDOT's most popular online databases because it provides VDOT employees electronic versions of standards, books and articles from the standards provider ASTM International, as well as standards and other key publications from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and other selected publishers. ASTM Compass has many collections, including a few VDOT has either limited or no access to, through the URL: For standards and other resources not accessible in this database, consider using one of our other databases, or contacting us for a free interlibrary loans/document delivery service.

Here’s a quick breakdown of VDOT’s collections, all of which are electronic:


- ASTM Standards: 12,500+ current or recent standards. 

- ASTM Digital Library: Every book (1,500+), paper (42,800+) or articles (17,000+) published by ASTM.


- AASHTO Standards: 575 current or recent AASHTO Standards. 

- ASTM E-Books: 18 key books from AASHTO.


- Six online course modules related to concrete and aggregate testing. 

Total Content: 
The total count of current and historical standards, journal articles and Special Technical Publicataions (STPs) is 136,610 resources. For a list of AASHTO reference materials available online through ASTM Compass see the link below:

How Can I Access ASTM Compass?
ASTM Compass is accessible from the Library’s Web site and the Library’s Online Catalog
The direct link to ASTM Compass via Okta is:

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