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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q2: October-December 2017

Database Usage

Use of library subscription databases was strong again this quarter with well-above-average use of ASTM Compass, and a strong showing by the Knovel database, two resources that tend to have high usage. As noted earlier in the report, this quarter the library expanded access in the EBSCO Business Source Complete database to the new Business Source Corporate Plus, promotion of which contributed to higher-than-average downloads for the quarter. For reasons we cannot explain we also continue to note high levels of "clickthrough" downloads from the library's catalog. We suspect the change is due to increased user clicks on eBook content being added by Gil Kenner, head of technical services. 


Subscription Downloads
The VDOT Research Library continues to expand access to key resources by facilitating patron self-service access to online subscription databases. With thirteen subscription databases now active (11 are "full text") and due to the fact that the library serves the entire VDOT community, usage remains  high. The tables (below) show the number of downloads per month from each database, as well as the trend over the past year (right), which has been remained somewhat flat for the past 8 months.
Subscription database usage January 2017-December 2017
Subscription Downloads By VDOT
  October  November  December  Total 
ASTM Compass  587  306  279  1,172 
 Knovel  252  190  152  594 
Non-Subscription Downloads (EOS Clickthroughs)  167  155  185  507 
Books24x7  97  118  82  297 
ASCE  89  82  67  238 
TRR  92  89  35  216 
EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus  32  21  54 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries  13  28 
EBSCO eBooks  16  13  32 
Other (miscellaneous journals)   10 
Monthly Totals  1,312  1,003  842  3,157 

Note: Miscellaneous resources includes International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Corrosion and the Highway Capacity Manual.

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