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Library Quarterly Report FY19 Q2: October-December 2018

Cataloging, Collections and Technical Services

Gil Kenner and Ken Winter entered into discussions with representatives from the library support services community Lyrasis and ultimately decided to enroll the library as a member. The idea had been floated for some time (stemming mainly from considerations of affordable scanning options for the Bulletin and related projects), but the decision was finally made to join this quarter. Major publisher AASHTO once again amended their distribution process to assign "Gatekeepers" for their digital publications releases and Gil Kenner and Ken Winter were nominated and kept a close eye on developments there. Efforts were made to reconcile the way VTRC reports were reported to the Library of Virginia (Gil Kenner cleared the backlog of reports that had fallen behind). Work-study UVA student Noemi Avila was hired on to begin work on the final stages of scanning for the Bulletin project and other front desk duties.

OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Statistics - October 31, 2018
FY19 Q1  FY19 Q2 
Transactions  534  257 
Holdings Added to WorldCat Records  101  42 
Total Titles  100,378  151,548 


Catalog Record Count
Oct. 31  Dec. 31 
Titles  127,983  128,088 
Copies  137,731  137,777 
Volumes (Items)  140,604  140,793 
Print Collection Usage for the Quarter
Type  Items  Location  Print Items 
VDOT  578  Central Office  183 
VTRC  78  Fredericksburg  92 
Other In House/ILL  Lynchburg  71 
UVA  15  NOVA   66 
Total Print Usage  676   Hampton Roads  53 
Staunton  39 
    Culpeper  32 
Bristol  24 
Salem  11 


The table to the left adds the total number of print items borrowed by each district/division of VDOT (578 total) to items borrowed by UVA personnel and others, creating a hard copy borrowing total of 676. That is 40% higher than averaged over the past decade.



The table below adds the number of downloads from the library's virtual collection this quarter to the circulation from the library's print holdings for a total of 3,550 items borrowed or accessed this quarter.


FY19 Q2 total collection usage
 Print Circulation  676 
 Subscription Downloads 2,874 
 Library Usage for the Quarter 3,550 



The table to the left shows the total collection usage for the past five quarters. The FY19 Q2 bar reflects the total seen in the chart above, 3,550 (a combination of print and virtual collection usage).

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