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Library Quarterly Report FY19 Q2: October-December 2018

Research Services

This quarter there were 628 total transactions, an increase of about 20% from our average quarterly transactions. Of the transactions, 449 were from VDOT personnel, with the most transactions (174) coming from VTRC personnel. A total of 16 inquiries were from Virginia residents, other libraries, or other “unaffiliated” customers. Library staffers compiled only one literature search this quarter, which is well below average for the service as a whole.




The table to the right reflects the number of reference and research questions the library received by district/division this quarter. VDOT transactions added to those not affiliated with VDOT totaled 449.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  449 VTRC 170
Central Office 108
Hampton Roads 15
Fredericksburg 7
Bristol 3
Salem 2
Staunton 2
Other (Non-affiliated) 135 Lynchburg 1
Total Questions 449 Culpeper 1
Richmond 1

Literature Search & Synthesis

The library completed only one literature search this quarter. While this may seem low, it is a service that varies quarter to quarter. The library only conducts searches upon request, and sometimes we do not get many requests. On average, we have completed 5 searches per quarter since Fiscal Year 2013, however, we are starting to notice requests declining, possibly because we have been challenged to adequately staff the service due to the fact that it is labor intensive and requires a diverse skill set. Searches completed this quarter:


A graph showing literature search requests from 2013-2019.

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