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Library Quarterly Report FY19 Q4: April-June 2019

Database Usage

Use of subscription databases was above average this quarter, led by ASTM Compass, Knovel, and ASCE Library, which tend to be the three most popular databases in terms of downloads. However, this quarter we were surprised to see the second highest number of downloads coming as "clickthroughs" of non-subscription resources from the Library's Online Catalog. This is the second quarter in a row for such a high number of clickthroughs, a good reminder that patrons want and expect access to full text online resources, whether they are eBooks, online journals or conference papers, or publicly accessible reports cataloged by Gil Kenner, head of library technical services. It is notable this quarter that the library decided to subscribe to the ICE Virtual Library database, which was a trial last quarter, and our promotion resulted in a surprising 238 downloads, mostly in April following promotion and the library's creation of two new guides: ICE Virtual Library Quick Start Guide and ICE Journal Holdings.




The VDOT Research Library continues to expand access to key resources through desktop access to subscription databases. VDOT employees have access to 14 database subscriptions (13 of which are "full text") and because we serve the entire VDOT community, these resources see steady usage. The tables here show the number of downloads per month (below) for each database, and the trend over the past year (right), around 1,000 downloads/month. 


Subscription database usage FY19 Q4.


Subscription Downloads By VDOT: FY19 Q4
April  May  June  Total 
ASTM Compass  311  262  289  862 
Non-Subscription Downloads (EOS Clickthroughs)  175  166  181  522 
Knovel  126  172  118  416 
ASCE Library  72  159  116  347 
Skillsoft Books  125  111  94  330 
TRR  62  127  94  283 
ICE Virtual Library  232  238 
Other (miscellaneous resources)  11  13  15  39 
EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus  18  24 
 EBSCO Business Book Summaries  10       22 
EBSCO eBooks  10 
Monthly Totals  1,133  1,032  936  3,101 

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