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Library Quarterly Report FY20 Q1: July-Sept 2019

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Document Deliveries

Interlibrary lending and document delivery, led by Barb Neyman, helps us quickly locate and deliver specialized information to VDOT employees in ways that are far more cost effective than if we attempted to acquire, catalog, and store all resources patrons might ever need. We use OCLC's WorldShare ILL software to place and receive loan requests from libraries worldwide. In the past 5 years we have averaged 7 loans per quarter to other libraries, borrowing an average of 35 items per quarter. This quarter we received an unusually high number (73) of requests from other libraries and loaned an unusually low 5 items, a fill rate of just 6.85%. Our historical average fill rate is 43% and our average fill rate for the past 5 years is 21%.

           Libraries We Borrowed From: 35 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries.



This quarter we requested and received 35 total items from other libraries. 14 libraries supplied items to us. Of all requests, 26 were supplied by academic libraries, 6 came from federal libraries, and 3 by came from state libraries. None were from a public or private library. Only one item came from a "transportation" library. Items requested were borrowed from libraries in 14 states. 20 of the requests were filled as hard copy (books/reports) and 15 as photocopy/digital/fax (articles/chapters).







This quarter we received 73 requests from 57 libraries in 27 states and Australia. We were only able to supply 5 items total: 3 hard copy and 2 scanned items. Of the five items 3 were sent to academic libraries and 2 to state libraries.

           Libraries We Loaned Items To: 5 Transactions

VDOT as borrower from other libraries


Document Deliveries
 FY19 Q2  FY19 Q3  FY19 Q4   FY20 Q1
 53  44  26  29
Note: Document Deliveries are items patrons request that library staff scan or download from a database or subscription resource and sent to the patron as a service.

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