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Library Quarterly Report FY20 Q1: July-Sept 2019

Research Services

The library utilizes Springshare’s LibAnswers with Reference Analytics to track patron interactions/transactions, which includes a ticketing/dashboard for tracking inquires and a live chat function. It allows library staff to track customer service questions with precision and provides data on patrons and their needs. This quarter there were 501 total transactions across all departments, 448 of which were from VDOT personnel, of which 174 were VTRC researchers.  Of all questions 199 were handled by the reference department.  In addition, this quarter we completed seven literature searches — far more than a normal quarter.



The table to the right reflects the number of reference and research transactions the library had by district/division this quarter (173 total). Transactions added to those not affiliated with VDOT (26) totaled 199.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  173 VTRC 117
Central Office 23
Hampton Roads 9
Richmond 8
Salem 4
Fredericksburg 3
Staunton 1
Other (Non-affiliated) 26 Lynchburg 1
Total Transactions 199 Bristol 1
Culpeper 1

Literature Search & Synthesis

The library completed eight literature searches this quarter for VTRC researchers and VDOT practitioners. Seven of the searches were requested by VTRC researchers and one by VDOT's Chief Engineer:

1. Research On the Economic Impacts Of Autonomous Vehicles In a Growing Era Of  ‘Shared Mobility’ (Compiled for Catherine C. McGhee, P.E., VTRC Director of Research and Innovation, 56 pages)
2. Exploring Guidelines For Joint-Use Park-and-Ride Lots: A Literature Search (Compiled for Lance E. Dougald, VTRC Senior Research Scientist, 45 pages)

3. A Literature Search For Field Tests and Projects Using High-Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixes (Compiled for Jhony Habbouche, Ph.D., VTRC Research Scientist, 16 pages)

Better Methods To Calculate Load Rating Values Of Concrete Box Culverts: A Literature Search (Compiled for Bernard L. Kassner, PhD, P.E., VTRC Research Scientist, 33 pages)
Evaluating The Propagation Of Reflective Cracking Through Asphalt Concrete Overlays: A Literature Search (Compiled for Jhony Habbouche, Ph.D., VTRC Research Scientist, 27 pages)
6. A Literature Search For Best Practices In Cost Estimation During Highway Construction (Barton A. Thrasher, P.E., VDOT Chief Engineer, 44 pages)

7. Strategies To Mitigate The Effects Of Rising Temperatures On Structural Steel Bridges (Compiled for Stephen Sharp, PhD, P.E., VTRC Senior Research Scientist, 64 pages)
8. Vehicle Occupancy Rates On Virginia Roads: A Literature Search for Data Collection Methods (Compiled for Lance E. Dougald, VTRC Senior Research Scientist, 33 pages)

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