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Library Quarterly Report FY22 Q1: July-Sept 2021

Research Services
Adapting to COVID-19


The library utilizes Springshare’s LibAnswers with Reference Analytics to track patron interactions. This quarter there were 574 total transactions across all departments, 519 of which were from VDOT personnel, of which 143 were from VTRC researchers.  Of all inquiries, 259 were handled by the reference department, up from 184 last quarter. We've noted a recent uptick in generic questions from outside of VDOT. We are increasing the number of FAQs dealing with general questions and encouraging such requestors to use VDOT's automated online customer service interface myVDOT




The table to the right reflects the number of reference and research transactions the library had by district/division this quarter (211 total). Transactions added to those not affiliated with VDOT (48) totaled 259.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  211 VTRC 69
Central Office 63
Hampton Roads 30
Salem 22
Fredericksburg 8
Richmond 7
Bristol 4
Other (Non-affiliated) 48 Culpeper 2
Total Transactions 259 Lynchburg 1
Staunton 1

Literature Search & Synthesis: The library's literature search service helps patrons avoid reinventing the wheel or missing research that is relevant to their topic but difficult to find and access. We completed six searches this quarter:

1. Evidence on the Performance Of Stormwater Conveyance Pipes By Material Type: Is Precast Concrete Best for Achieving Resilience? (G. Michael Fitch, Ph.D., VTRC Deputy Director of Research, 21 pages) 

2. Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Life-Cycle Assessment And Sustainability In The Selection Of Asphalt And Concrete Pavements (Catherine C. McGhee, P.E., Director of Research and Innovation, 62 pages)

3. Updated Recommendations For Vehicle Access and Storage Under Bridges: A Fast Tracked Search (Byron R. Marshall, PMP, PSP, Office of Safety, Security and Emergency Management, 11 pages)

4. Susceptibility Of Concrete Bridge Piles To Corrosion In Acidic Soils: A Literature Search (James Peavy, Materials Engineer, VDOT Hampton Roads District, 22 pages)

5. Curing Of Cement Concrete Pavement: A Search For Current Practices, Methods And Procedures (M. Shabbir Hossain, PhD, PE, Associate Principal Research Scientist, 46 pages)

6. Evidence On the Performance Of Stormwater Conveyance Pipes By Material Type: A Follow-Up Search To Inform Culvert Materials Selection (G. Michael Fitch, Ph.D., VTRC Deputy Director of Research, 10 pages) 

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