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Compendex: Quick Start Guide: Search Results Page

A quick start guide for users of the Compendex database on the Engineering Village platform.

Search Results

Results relevant to your search will appear on the screen. Because Compendex is so large, a simple search may yield thousands or even tens of thousands of "relevant" results, which can be refined in follow-up steps.

Screen capture showing Compendex results.

3. Search Summary: The total number of results is shown along with the databases and years searched, and the syntax for the search.

4. Refine Results: A list of categories appears on the left of the search results. Categories enable users to "refine" (or narrow down) the initial search query. Multiple terms can be selected across categories and the ‘Limit to’ button will revise the search based on new terms or filters you select. The ‘Exclude’ button will eliminate terms from selected categories.

5. Citation Details: Typically includes the article title, journal title, date of publication, author names and indicates if an article is "Open Access" or a "Preprint" 

Select a Citation

Clicking on "Show preview" will provide the first few lines of an article's abstract:example2

Here is an example of what that looks like: 


You can also click on the title of the article title to jump to the Full Record page, which contains the full abstract, as well as other information about the document, including author affiliation, main headings in the document, uncontrolled terms, classification codes, metrics, references and supplementary information.

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