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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q3: January-March 2023

Database Usage

Use of library subscription databases dropped this quarter, leveling out just above its five-year average. Total downloads were 3,798 full-text downloads, just above the average of around 3,300. During the past 3 years of the  COVID-19 pandemic (starting in FY20Q3) we saw unpredictable swings in database usage, from a record high of 4,302 (October-December 2020) to a modern-day low of 1,915 in January-March 2022. As is typically the case, this quarter we saw strongest usage from the ASTM CompassKnovel, and ASCE Library. However, we have also noticed an uptick in access to eBooks in Skillsoft Books and EBSCO eBooks. We suspect that is due to the creation and early success of the Innovation Guide, which lists about 50 eBooks, 35 of which are in Skillsoft, and library promotion of the  new Highway Capacity Manual in EBSCO. 




The Library continues to expand access to resources through "self-service" online subscription databases. We now provide 19 subscription databases to VDOT employees (17 of those are "full text" resources). The table here shows the number of downloads per month (below) from each database. The trend over the past year (right), which spiked in December 2022, remained high this quarter. 


Subscription database usage FY23 Q3




Subscription Downloads By VDOT: FY23 Q3
  January  February  March  Total 
ASTM Compass  752  549  544  1,845 
Knovel  326  244  193  763 
ASCE Library  96  111  149  356 
TRR (Sage)  120  103  88  311 
Skillsoft Books  119  84  100  303 
Non-Subscription Downloads (EOS Catalog)  45  17  20  82 
EBSCO eBooks  43  11   58 
* Miscellaneous Journals  18   25   51 
EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus  11  16 
ScienceDirect   13 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries   0   9   9 
Monthly Totals  1,513  1,142  1,152  3,807 

* Miscellaneous Journals: Includes journals from the ICE Virtual Library collection, Taylor & Francis, ACI and Corrosion.

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