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Library Quarterly Report FY23 Q3: January-March 2023


n months 36-38 since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, library functions continued to normalize, though the process has been gradual. Library staff members continue to adjust work schedules (which have natural variations) to balance personal leave needs that were modified during the pandemic, with needs for adequate "in-person" staffing required for the library to run effectively.

No further guidance on telework has been issued by the Governor's office and on July 5, 2022, VDOT “returned to normal operations,” completing its plan for reconstitution plan. The last update to VDOT’s COVID-19 guidance from the Governor’s office is dated September 2022 and while the worst effects of the public health emergency caused by the pandemic have faded, COVID was still being spread and it does not seem accurate to state that the pandemic is over. Some might argue that not only has VDOT not gotten “back to normal” but it may never be the same as it was before the pandemic. 

However, at the library, like other parts of VDOT, staff have carried on as best as they can. Barb Neyman, who oversees the Interlibrary Lending program, helped it climb back to pre-pandemic levels.  Gil Kenner, head of technical services, helped find and catalog several contract reports on the Brook Run quarry archaeological site (which date back as far as 1999), which have been referenced in the published literature the popular press. No library has ever held those items until they were found and added to our collections. In addition to his cataloging work, Kenner supported user education this quarter by providing a library tour and overview to VTRC resercher and adjunct UVA faculty member Dr. John Miller and a small group of students visiting as part of an ITE program. Ken Winter was busy helping modify the library's Quality of Service survey instrument (see write up below) and helped let a contract for library staff customer satisfaction training we hope to hold at VTRC in the Fall. Winter also oversaw a successful test of the Single Sign On (SSO) authentication with support from VITA and VDOT's IT Division to help patrons access the ASTM Compass database with a single click. 

Finally, all three library staffers participated in the third Library User's Group meeting, which brought together a diverse group of 12 VDOT stakeholders from districts and Central Office for an online meeting. The group developed 6 action items for follow up by the Fall meeting, which is planned as an "in person" meeting. 

Satisfaction Survey Adjusted to the 10-Point Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tool

As reported in FY21Q4, the library began sending a random double-blind quality of service survey to the e-mail addresses affiliated with 25% of all LibAnswers tickets are they are closed. We started with a simple question: How would you rate the library’s service?" with a 4-point scale.

During the first 30 months of use, 1,801 tickets were closed, resulting in about 450 surveys sent. We received 229 survey responses, a high response rate of about 51%. Of all responses, 214 (93%) rated the library as “Great!” and 7 (3%) as “Good” for an overall satisfaction rating of 96.5%. However, we found several responses showed a low rating but included highly positive comments, reminding us that even with a simple one-question survey it is possible for the patron to “accidentally” rate us 1/4 instead of 4/4.

With this in mind and working with Deloitte consultants as part of the VDOT of Tomorrow initiative, we decided to change to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey instrument, which asks patrons to indicate if they would recommend the library to a friend at VDOT, and which includes a 10-point scale. We will report findings when we compile data.  

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