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Skillsoft Books: Quick Start Guide: About

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7), a subscription database providing access to tens of thousands of eBooks, summaries, audio books and videos.

What Is Skillsoft Books?

Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7) is a "full-text" online database providing VDOT employees unlimited free access to access to nearly 30,000 resources. The first thing to know about Skillsoft Books is it contains more than just books!  That means the content is more than just "text" too. Skillsoft Books has: eBooks, online book summaries, online audio books, video clips and more. See examples of content types in box below.

Skillsoft Books content is focused into the following general subject areas: Information Technology, Desktop Software, Finance, Business, Leadership, and Engineering. However, collections have been curated to reveal other popular content groupings, including: Compliance, Business Continuity, Customer Service, Leadership, Well Being, and Project Management. See "VDOT's Subscription" to the right for details.

If you've never used Skillsoft Books this guide will help you get started. If you've used an earlier version of the database, this guide will help you learn about new features to help you find, use and share top-tier resources. In terms of content and format, there's something for everyone in Skillsoft Books.

VDOT's Subscription

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (LDP) 955
Expert Insight Videos 1,832
Business Books 15,201
Productivity and Collaboration Tools 1,008
Digital Transformation 320
Technology and Development 8,517
Total: 27,833

Examples: Content 'Types' In Skillsoft

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