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Skillsoft Books: Quick Start Guide: Searching

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7), a subscription database providing access to tens of thousands of eBooks, summaries, audio books and videos.


Skillsoft Books has a simple "Search" box, which is a great way to narrow down the huge number of items in the collection to the handful you are generally interested in. Initial searches can be further refined using "Filters" which will be shown in this section. 

Search Basics

If you look closely, you'll notice that the top navigation elements never change, regardless of what book you are reading or what part of the Skillsoft Books site you are on. Shown below, those elements are: the VDOT University logo, Browse Catalog, My Bookshelf and the "Search" box: 

Screen capture showing the skillsoft Books banner and search box.

Start your search by typing a keyword or search phrase. You may notice that as you type the system "autofills" the search box with narrower and related terms. An example is shown below. Hovering your cursor over one of the options highlights that topic and clicking your mouse executes the search on that topic: 

Screen capture showing the skillsoft books search box with autofill.

In this case, we started by typing "Project Management" but when the system autofilled with "project management fundamentals" we selected and searched on that phrase. The results look something like this: 

Screen capture showing skillsoft books search results.

Select "Launch" to the right side of the screen to start reading a book.

Additional Search Parameters

Finally, additional search parameters are available, as shown below:

Screen capture of additional search parameters.

They include: 

1. Additional subject heading filters (pick as many as you want)

2. Limit to "Book Summaries (3-5 page Cliffs Notes type summaries of a full length book), or "Audio Books" (what they sound like).

3. Copyright corresponds with approximate year of publication: Last 5 years, Last 2 years, This year.

4. Finally, if you need to you can apply or or "clear" filters you've just selected.

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