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Library Quarterly Report FY18 Q4: April-June 2018

Research and Reference Services

The library uses a tool called LibAnswers to track transactions across all departments. The system includes  ticketing and a dashboard that allows us to track the nuances of customer service with precision. It provides data on who is asking questions, where they are located, when a question is asked, which staffers respond, and how it is answered. This quarter there were 567 inquiries/transactions across all departments.  Of those, 135 were "reference questions" and 108 of those reference questions came from VDOT personnel, while 27 were from Virginia residents, other libraries, or other unaffiliated customers.




This table reflects the number of reference/research questions the library received by district/division this quarter. VDOT questions added to those not affiliated with VDOT totaled 135.


Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Questions
VDOT  108 VTRC 70
Other (Non-affiliated) 27 Central Office 37
Total Questions 135 Hampton Roads 1


Literature Search & Synthesis

The library completed 7 literature searches this quarter for VTRC researchers and VDOT practitioners:

1. Exposure of Bats To Noise, Vibrations And Other Anthropogenic Disturbances: A Literature Search (Compiled for Lewis Lloyd, VTRC Research Scientist, 98 pages)
2. Fatigue and Loading Implications Of Very Heavy Vehicles And Novel Axle Configurations On Highway Bridges: A Preliminary Literature Search (Compiled for Dr. Bernie Kassner, VTRC Research Scientist, 84 pages)
3. Climate Infrastructure Resilience: A Literature Search For Design Adaptations To Mitigate The Effects of Climate Change On Bridges And Culverts (Compiled for Bridget Donaldson, Senior VTRC Research Scientist, 123 pages)
4. Over-Width Vehicle Identification: A Search For Automated Detection And Warning Systems (Compiled for Ben Cottrell, Jr. , Associate Principal VTRC Research Scientist, 18 pages)
5. Current Practices For Conducting Criminal History Records Checks Of DOT Employees And Contractors (Compiled for Emmett Smith, SSEMD, Security and Emergency Management Division, 13 pages)
6. Estimating And Confirming Right-of-Way Damages: 2018 Revision Of A 2009 Literature Search (Compiled for Lore DeAstra, State Review Appraiser, VDOT Right of Way and Utilities Division, 77 pages)
7. Bituclair® and Héliocol®: A Search for Information About Polymer (or Other Non-​Conventional) Asphalt Modifiers and Binders (Compiled for Dr. Ed Hoppe, VTRC Senior Research Scientist, 43 pages)

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