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Library Quarterly Report FY21 Q4: April-June 2021

Research Services

Adapting to COVID-19

In FY16 Q4 the library transitioned from the EOS Reference Tracking software to Springshare’s Reference Analytics, part of the LibAnswers module, which includes a ticketing/dashboard for tracking inquires and a live chat function. The system allows us to track the back-and-forth nuances of customer service questions with precision and provides data on who is asking questions, when, where they are located, what type of question they ask, and how long it took us to respond. This quarter there were 602 total transactions, 184 of which were "reference questions." Of those, 100 were from VTRC personnel, 54 from VDOT employees in other parts of the agency, and 30 were from non-affiliated customers.




The table to the right shows reference and research questions the library received by district/division this quarter (154 total). Added to questions received from non-affiliated sources (30 total) added up to 184.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  154 VTRC 100
Central Office 33
Richmond 4
Fredericksburg 4
Hampton Roads 4
Bristol 3
Staunton 1
Other (Non-affiliated) 30 Culpeper 1
Total Transactions 184 Lynchburg 0
Salem 0

Literature Search & Synthesis
The library completed 6 literature searches this quarter for VTRC researchers:

1. Estimating GHG Emissions In EPA’s MOVES2014b and MOVES3 Models: A Search For Documentation
(Compiled for G. Michael Fitch, Ph.D., VTRC Deputy Director of Research, 13 pages) 

2. Methodologies For Measuring the Congestion Mitigation Impacts Of Bus and Rail Improvements
(Compiled for Peter B. Ohlms, AICP, Senior Research Scientist, 41 pages) 

3. Understanding The Probability Of Hurricane Or Similar Extreme Storm Vulnerabilities In Virginia
(Compiled for G. Michael Fitch, Ph.D., VTRC Deputy Director of Research, 46 pages) 

4. Exploring State DOT Use Of Coal Ash Aggregates As a Full or Partial Replacement For Naturally Occurring Aggregates In Structural Concrete
(Compiled for G. Michael Fitch, Ph.D., VTRC Deputy Director of Research, 42 pages) 

5. State DOT Decision Processes For Routine Versus In-Depth Bridge Inspections: A Review
(Compiled for Richard E. Weyers, PhD, P.E., VTRC Research Consultant, 37 pages) 

6. Effectiveness Of Enhanced Pavement Markings For the Visually Impaired: A Literature Search
(Compiled for Peter B. Ohlms, AICP, Senior Research Scientist, 27 pages) 

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