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Library Quarterly Report FY21 Q4: April-June 2021

Spotlight: Library Quality of Service Tools Provide Feedback Loop

Screen capture showing the library's new LibAnswsers follow up survey.
A new "blind" e-mail survey creates a new general feedback loop for the library.


General Feedback: At the end of last quarter we implemented a new feedback loop on the LibAnswers ticketing system used for routine requests of all types. It took time and testing, but we configured the system to randomly send an anonymous/blind e-mail survey to 25% of patron tickets as they are closed. The simple question: "How would you rate the library's service?"  Patrons can anonymously respond by selecting from a 4-point scale and can add comments. This quarter we got 11 responses of 47 surveys the system sent (a 23% response rate). Responses indicate high levels of satisfaction with all 11 rating the library at 4 of 4 points. These affirming comments specified staffers and services:

  • "Barb was incredibly helpful to me and the library is a very valuable resource to my learning for career development. The VDOT library is one of the highlights of VDOT!"
  • "I've been using the library for a couple of years. The service has been for helpful to me and provided access to outside materials when needed. The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt in responding. THANK YOU!"
  • "The library staff were very prompt in solving my issue with renewals!"
  • "One day turn around for a paper I couldn't find. Solid work!"

Literature Searches: Since 2019 we have sent a follow-up survey to patrons of the library's literature search service, receiving 86 responses in all. This quarter we received 3 more survey responses.  All reported high levels of satisfaction with the quality, quantity and organization of the information found, and all customers reported they were "highly likely" to use the search service again in the future.  Comments included the following:

  • "We will be back..."
  • "Fantastic job with understanding our research question and delivering the most relevant documents.  Becky kept me updated with regard to the progress of the lit review and Barb quickly obtained any documents in cases links weren't available in the lit search report.  Couldn't have done this project without you all!"
  • "The Director and I had a meeting just yesterday with the Commissioner, the Chief Deputy Commissioner, and the Chief Engineer...The top three individuals in the Department understand just how important the work you do is to our success - both as a research organization and as a play such a critical role for VDOT." 

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