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Library Quarterly Report FY22 Q2: October-December 2021

Database Usage

Use of subscription databases as measured in full-text downloads hit its lowest point since 2015 this quarter, with about half the "record high" database usage by this metric that we reported one year ago. While the 5-year quarterly average is around 3,200 downloads (about 67% higher than what we saw this quarter), it is not clear what precipitated the downturn or if any action needs to be taken. Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, usage patterns continue to vary wildly. However, one explanation for a large portion of the discrepancy with past quarterly usage data lies in the Catalog "Clickthroughs" statistic. That stat reflects times when patrons click on a full-text link in a library catalog record. It has averaged 625/quarter in recent years, however, last quarter and this quarter it dropped to 54 and 71, respectively. We suspect the previously high count was an anomaly (which we could never fully understand) and that the current statistics are more accurate. In general VDOT employees place high value on "self-service" access to high quality information at the desktop. As is typically the case, ASTM Compass led all downloads, followed by Skillsoft Books, TRR, and Knovel

The Library continues to expand access to resources through "self-service" online subscription databases. We now provide 19 subscription databases to VDOT employees (17 of those are "full text" resources). Tables here show the number of downloads per month (below) from each database. The trend over the past year (right), which spiked in July, dropped quickly in the following months.

Subscription database usage FY22 Q2: January-December 2021
Subscription Downloads By VDOT: FY22 Q2
  October  November  December  Total 
ASTM Compass  327  260  290  877 
Skillsoft Books  84  111  104  299 
TRR (and other Sage Journals)   81  62  42  185 
Knovel   70  50   56  176 
ASCE Library  50  38   70  158 
Non-Subscription Downloads (EOS Catalog)  34   18   19  71 
EBSCO eBooks  49   53 
EBSCO Business Book Summaries   0   40  40 
EBSCO Business Source Corporate Plus   17   3   21 
Corrosion (Allen Press) NEW!  13  13 
ScienceDirect   3  10 
ICE Virtual Library   6   1 
Taylor & Francis Journals    4 
Monthly Totals  668   557   690   1,915 

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