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Library Quarterly Report FY22 Q3: January-March 2022

Spotlight: Library Journals Shifting Project (Part 2 of 2)


As noted in Part 1 of this report, last quarter the library had its first major shifting project since 2004. That shift was necessitated when the local Fire Marshall expressed concern that there was insufficient ceiling clearance above library shelves for fire hoses to deliver water to a potential fire.  Speed was important, so the majority of the shift was completed in November and December of 2021. However, that meant setting aside some details of the project until this quarter. Those "smaller details" amounted to a significant amount of follow-up work, which was successfully completed thanks to Gil Kenner, head of technical services, with ongoing assistance from UVA facilities worker Len Sheler in January and February 2022. 


By December 7, 2021 the wooden shelving was relocated to Room 230 and affixed to perimeter walls, followed by a shifting of 246 lineal feet of periodicals into that space. During that shift holdings were checked against electronic subscriptions and retention schedules and we determined that 36 lineal feet of periodicals could be discarded.


Journals relocated, a shift of the circulating collection toward the back of the library commenced, leaving the all top row of shelves empty. This was a fairly straightforward process (that went smoothly thanks to student assistant Ellie Quick), however, it did require physical handling of about 50,000 volumes. Space for growth was strategically left and even spacing was created throughout the collection leaving on average approximately 6 inches at the end shelf units. 


With top shelves vacated, the last step was to remove surplus shelves and canopies, a portion of which would later be repurposed in Room 230 to reinforce a metal rack in the center of the room. That was completed in early March. The library is now spread across 4 locations: Main library space (1,629 lineal feet), Room 221, which is Gil Kenner's office (105 lineal feet), Room 230 (246 lineal feet), and the basement Telephone Room (105 lineal feet) for a grand total of 2,085 lineal feet.  For a detailed description of the shifting project and additional photos see: Shelf Shifting Project 2021-2022.

Before/After Space Comparison: At the conclusion of the project the library's main shelving of 1,863 lineal feet was reduced by 234 feet, with 246 feet of periodicals moved to Room 230. This commendable "team effort" by Gil Kenner, Ellie Quick, and Len Shelor, required planning, measuring, mapping and ultimately shifting 1,337 lineal feet of library materials. 

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