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Library Quarterly Report FY22 Q4: April-June 2022

Spotlight: VTRC Supports Creation of VDOT 'Library User Group'

On February 15, 2022, the library held its inaugural meeting of a Library User's Group (LUG). Creating of the group was supported by Dr. Amy O'leary, who then supervised the library, and who helped Ken Winter and Gil Kenner develop this draft proposal, which was approved by VTRC Director Cathy McGhee. Also participating at the first meeting was Barb NeymanThe purpose of the LUG is gather input, advice, and ideas regarding the provision of library and information services to VDOT users, in order to enhance their productivity and professional development. It will also: 

•    Serve as a sounding board for reviewing new ideas and emerging trends in library and information needs at VDOT.
•    Help Library staff align collections and services with the highest needs and priorities of VDOT personnel.
•    Provide input on potential expansions of the library’s collections or services.  
•    Promote the use of library collections and services in their own work environments.
•    Help coordinate library activities with relevant information management activities occurring elsewhere at VDOT. 
•    Serve as Alpha or “Usability” testers to help improve new or existing library resources and services.
•    Help staff identify unmet information needs and groups within VDOT that may be underserved by the Library.

 Officers  VDOT Office
 Byron Marshall, PMP, PSP (Chair)      Security & Emergency Management
 Ken Winter, MLIS (Executive Secretary)      Associate Library Director
 Gil Kenner, MSLIS (Executive Secretary)      Library Head of Technical Services
 Members  VDOT Office
 Wade B. France  Learning Technology/Human Resources
 Marian Kshetrepal  Lead Negotiator, Prof. Services Procurement 
 Andrew M. Zickler, PE  Complex Bridge and ABC Support Manager
 Bernie Kassner, PhD, PE  Research Scientist, VTRC
 Lance Dougald  Senior Research Scientist, VTRC
 Steve Sharp, PhD, PE  Associate Principal Research Scientist, VTRC
 Bethanie Glover  Richmond District Communication Manager
 David L. Wilson  Central Office Environmental Division
 Ramesh Neupane, PhD, PE, PMP  Central Office Materials Division

The group met virtually, following this agenda for the 2-hour meeting. The next meeting is planned for September 2022. 

Outreach to VDOT's Engineering Development & Growth Experience (EDGE) Program
Discussion at the LUG meeting led the library to Diveda Palmer, who coordinates VDOT's career and leadership development. Jeff Tipton, who coordinates VDOT's EDGE program subsequently requested a presentation in June. 

Image showing the lead slide for the presentation to the EDGE group.

The VDOT Engineering Development & Growth Experience (EDGE) Program is a two-year, VDOT-specific engineer development program intended to expose new civil engineering graduates to the full spectrum of engineering roles within VDOT. Successful graduates go on to become respected leaders and skilled practitioners at VDOT.

After onboarding 14 EDGE participants and conducing the presentation, many associates checked out P.E./E.I.T. exam study materials from the library or used library databases or services, indicating a successful outreach effort. 

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