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Virtual Library Card: How To Check Out Items Remotely

Learn how to access full-text databases remotely and "check out" or "renew" books from any conntected computer using your Virtual Library Card.

Check Out Items Remotely

Searching the Catalog is covered separately in the Library Catalog Quick-Start guide.

Once you've found an item that you are interested in, you can check it out remotely with a few clicks.  You can also specify whether you want us to ship the item to you, or have it held for you at the library to pick up at your earliest convenience. (Note: Until the COVID-19 pandemic abates enough for the library to have regular in-person hours we can only hold items for VTRC patrons by placing them in staff mailboxes.)

Here's how to use the Online Checkout feature:

Step 1: After signing in and running a search, you've found a item you want to check out. Click on the title of the item in the "Brief Record" display list as shown below: 

Screen capture showing brief record view of an item in the catalog.

Step 2: This will open the "Full Record" display. At the bottom of that display look for the "Items" box showing all library holdings for the title you want to borrow. To proceed, select the "Check Out Item" shopping cart icon:

Screen capture showing the "Check out item" shopping cart icon.

Tip: Be sure to note the status of the item. In this case it says "Available" for checkout. Some items may show a status that indicates they are not available. In some cases (such as items that are missing) the shopping cart icon will not appear at all.

Step 3: When you select the shopping cart icon a "Check out Item" dialog box will appear. Select your delivery method (either "Ship this to me at no charge" or "Reserve at the library for me to pick up.") Be sure to add any additional information (Example: special shipping instructions), then click the "Check Out Item" button shown below:

Screen capture showing the Check out Item option.

Note: E-Books and other electronic resources cannot be held and they cannot be "shipped." Those items are directly available to patrons through the catalog record itself. For more information on accessing these types of resources through the catalog see the Library Catalog Quick Start Guide.

Step 4: After clicking the "Check out Item" button you should see a dialog box confirming your request has been sent to library staff:

Screen capture showing Check out Item confirmation message.

In addition, you should receive an automated e-mail confirmation from the library that looks like this: 

Example of the library email confirmation patrons will receive.

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