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Library Quarterly Report FY20 Q2: October-December 2019

Research Services

In FY16 Q4 the library transitioned from the EOS Reference Tracking software (used from 2007-2016) to Springshare’s Reference Analytics, part of the LibAnswers module, which includes a ticketing/dashboard for tracking inquires and a live chat function. The new system allows the library to track the back-and-forth nuances of customer service questions with greater precision and provides data on who is asking questions, when (time of day, day of week), where they are located, what type of question they ask, and how long it took us to respond. We track transactions across all library departments (including: Circulation, Interlibrary Loans and Procurement). This quarter there were 456 total transactions across all departments. Of those, 245 were "reference" transactions.  Of those transactions 224 were from VDOT personnel (150 of which were at VTRC), 7 were from UVA students/faculty and 14 from Virginia residents, other libraries, or “unaffiliated” customers. Statistics below show transactions related specifically to research questions:



The table to the right shows reference and research questions the library received by district/division this quarter (224 total). Added to questions received from UVA students/faculty (7) and non-affiliated sources (14 total, mainly other libraries) added up to 245.

Origin Questions VTRC/CO/Districts Transactions
VDOT  224 VTRC 150
Central Office 47
Richmond 6
Hampton Roads 5
Salem 3
Fredericksburg 3
UVA Student/Faculty 7 Lynchburg 2
Other (Non-affiliated) 14 Bristol 2
Total Transactions 245 Culpeper 1
Staunton 0

Literature Search & Synthesis

The library completed 4 literature searches this quarter for VTRC researchers and VDOT practitioners:


1. Improving Specifications for High-Visibility Safety Apparel: Best Practices Among State DOTs (Compiled for Marchel Johnson, VDOT Assistant Director of Security and Emergency Management, 59 pages)

2. An Evaluation of the Durability and Longevity of Sandbags Used In State DOT Constructed Cofferdams: A Literature Search (Compiled for Lewis N. Lloyd, M.S., VTRC Research Scientist, 24 pages)


3. Understanding the Safety Consequences of Enacting ‘Idaho Stop’ Or ‘Stop as Yield’ Laws in Virginia Cities: A Fast-Tracked Literature Search (Compiled for John S. Miller, Ph.D., P.E., VTRC Senior Research Scientist, 38 pages)


4. Predicting Service Life Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays in Virginia: A Literature Search (Compiled for Soundar Balakumaran, Ph.D., P.E., VTRC Associate Director of Structures, 23 pages)

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